Instructor Led Online Teaching

Videoconferencing is fairly old technology now. There have been a variety of expensive commercial systems available, but the system that most people may be familiar with is probably Skype™ by Microsoft. Since 2003 Skype™ has allowed people to see and talk with friends, relatives and colleagues using computers and eventually tablets and phones. The software [...]

Encryption – Part 1 – The Caesar Cipher

Encryption is one of many Protective Technologies that help keep us safe while using the Internet. Today's encryption methods are quite sophisticated compared to those of the past, but before going into more modern methods, let’s look at the general concept.  Caesar Cipher: One of the oldest encryption methods require sharing a rule between parties [...]

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The Technology Layer Cake: Users, Apps, OS and Hardware

Today's technologies have a lot in common, believe it or not. Whether you use your smartphone for most of your interaction with the Internet, or spend your day working on a laptop or a fancy desktop computer with lots of storage space and a powerful graphics card, these technologies have very similar structures. These devices [...]

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