Today’s work environment changes rapidly. We often find that the tasks we have been performing and the methods we use to accomplish those tasks become outdated. When this happens, we need to change the things we do and how we do them. Learning new technical and business skills helps to keep us relevant in the work environment, and ensures that we are comfortable with the technologies needed to do new tasks efficiently.

WindSong Training provides adult learners with the skills to use technology effectively from basics to advanced topics. Our instructors are all highly skilled and dedicated to providing instruction suitable to our learner’s background and goals. We modify course contents to make them suitable for participants skill levels.

Our Method

WindSong Training focuses on sessions with a small number of participants allowing the instructor to focus on the needs of each participant and ensuring that learners are absorbing the concepts before moving on. We also provide 1:1 instruction for learners who would benefit from a more focused environment.

Specifics about technology are presented with general principles – current technologies have many common features and terminology. Participants spend a large part of the sessions actually working with the technology, applying the skills they learn.

Our goal is for learners to become comfortable enough to explore and investigate further on their own.

Instructor Led On Site or Online Training

We can provide training where you are. If you have a group interested in a technology topic we will be happy to visit your facility and provide customized course content.

Alternatively, we provide instructor led sessions online using the Zoom platform. This blog post provides a brief discussion of online instructor led training.

We are happy to discuss the requirements for a suitable space and equipment for the sessions. Cost will depend on the length of the session and the number of participants. Please contact us for more information.

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We welcome the opportunity to share with others the technologies, packages and tools that have become so beneficial to many of us.

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