At WindSong Training the focus is on helping people to use technology effectively. Workshops are available for varying skill and interest levels, ranging from general to very technical.

If you feel uncomfortable with technology; the Internet, a computer, smartphones or social media, we can help you.

WindSong Training can provide instruction to individuals or groups, just contact us and we will work with you.


WindSong Training charges for each participant in the session as shown in the table below.

Session Costs

Hours of InstructionSession CostClass Size MinClass Size Max
Full Day Course7 hours$225 / person212
Half Day Course3.5 hours$120 / person412
Two Hour Talk2 hours$60 / person1520
One Hour Talk1 hours$30 / person1525

For the multi-day courses, please contact us regarding pricing and scheduling details.

Travel expenses outside the Edmonton area are extra and will include costs for hotel, mileage and meals for the instructor(s).

Please contact us at with any other questions about pricing, scheduling and course material.