Members of the WindSong Training team are knowledgeable, have many years of experience in technology and are excellent instructors. We provide training in a range of topics from general technology to special workshops in High Performance Computing and visualization. The WindSong Training site lists our topics in general technology.

Jon Johansson

Jon has extensive experience in technology and teaching, including university science courses, workshops on technical subjects and workshops directed at non-technical users. Jon would like to see everyone have access to the computing resources they need, whether large or small and have the training to use those resources effectively.

Denise Thornton

Denise is an experienced Instructor and Applications Analysts with over 20 years of computing knowledge. She has developed course material for technical computing and, more recently, developed material for the purpose of introducing technology to seniors.

Wally Lysz

Over the years Wally has been successfully facilitating complex technical ideas to a wide variety of audiences, ranging from brand new computer users to High Performance Computing professionals.

Joanna Siennicka

Joanna has lectured and worked in the field of adult education for more than 25 years. As an instructor she has worked with students, teams and the individuals on their agile transformations, both large and small. She helps people integrate the understanding of technology into their work life and personal life.

The WindSong logo represents the change of random topics into a flow of concepts.