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Excel 2016 How-to: Using the Correlation Tool

Excel's AnalysisToolPak offer a variety of routines for analyzing statistical, scientific and engineering data. In this articular we are going to look at how to use the correlation tool in the Analysis ToolPak. Enable the Analysis ToolPak: Although already installed with Excel, the Analysis ToolPak will need to be enabled through the Options menus. For [...]

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Data Structure Explanation – Part 1 – Excel Table

What is a Data Structure?  Part 1 An Explanation Using Tables in Excel 2010 Whether you are just going to look at your data and draw conclusions visually, or you are going to writing a computer program to manipulate it, even a very simple structure can help. When analyzing data, it is useful to decide on the data that needs to be processed, and then organize that data into a data structure. A well designed data structure can make the operations that need to be done on the data very efficient. […]

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Excel 2010 – Replacing Blank Cells with Zeros

Using Excel 2010 we are going to look at how to replace blank cells with zeros. Selecting the cells manually is, of course one option, but if the spread sheet is large then the procedure would be rather time consuming. For this exercise we will use a couple of short-cuts. Tools used for this exercise: Find & Select, then the “Go To Special …” command The “Ctrl” “Enter” keyboard short cut. […]

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Excel 2010: Converting Numbers to Text Format – Removing the Warning Message

In this example we are going to convert Id numbers into Text format and we will look at how to removing any resulting warning messages. Tools used for this exercise: Using the “Number as text” format Removing the warning message on the Options command on the File Tab. […]

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Excel 2010 – Names into Separate Columns – Convert to a Table – Sort

Using Excel 2010 we are going to look at how to separate full names (last name followed by first name) into separate columns. Once that is done we are going to convert the data to table format and sort on the last name. Tools used for this exercise: The “Text to Columns” command Converting to a table using the “Format as Table” command Sorting the data in the table by last name […]

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Finding the Windows Command Line

It seems that in many cases, while instructing people, the phrase “just open a Windows Command Prompt and type in …” is usually interrupted with the comment “ok, how do I do that”. Also, in the user manuals and document we generate, there are occasions that a command prompt may be needed, and this note will serve as a reference on how to do that. Open a Windows Command Prompt: Following are three methods of opening a command prompt, the first method use the shift key and the right mouse button, the second method use the “Start” button and a search. The third uses the “Start” button and then navigates “All Programs”. […]

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3D Printing – Fixing Models with Blender

The following are excerpts from our tutorial. Structural errors in a 3D model need to be repaired before the model is ready for 3D printing. Holes within the object and inverted normals are the most common issues. These types of problems tend to arise if the models were produced, or scanned, using software packages that were not necessarily designed with 3D printing in mind. In many cases, spending some time to editing the model can produce an object that is viable for 3D printing. Note, however, that hand editing individual vertices, edges and faces is only realistic if the problem areas are either small or localized, or if the total number of points is small. (It is left to the readers’ discretion to decide if the total amount of time and effort needed to fix the problems with a model is practical.) […]

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Welcome to the WS Website

Windsong is a companion website and is part of Videre Analytics. This site concentrates on the How-Tos and Tutorials we have developed, courses we offer, and information about on-site training. This web site also serves a number of other purposes: as a reference for workshops, courses and tutorials; as vehicle to post information and how-to [...]

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