The Technology Layer Cake: Users, Apps, OS and Hardware

Today's technologies have a lot in common, believe it or not. Whether you use your smartphone for most of your interaction with the Internet, or spend your day working on a laptop or a fancy desktop computer with lots of storage space and a powerful graphics card, these technologies have very similar structures. These devices [...]

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The Cost of a Smartphone

Today's the big day - the iPhone 11 is officially available for purchase from Apple stores and our friendly cell network providers. A question that we all face is whether to buy the phone outright and get a Bring Your Own Phone plan from our provider, or to buy the phone with a contract. In [...]

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iOS 13 is Almost Here

Apple Software Update on my Windows 10 computer popped up today with this notice to install an new version of the iTunes software. The notes say: "This update adds support for iOS 13 and iPadOS devices." Yay!! So after updating iTunes on my computer, it is ready to install the latest operating system on my [...]

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