Excel’s Data Model

Microsoft Excel has a powerful and relatively new tool to add to the arsenal of data analysis tools that we are already accustomed to using, this is the Excel Data Model. Working together with Power Query and Power Pivot, the Data Model enables Excel users to work with much larger data sets than we could [...]

By |2021-11-17T17:40:34-07:00November 17th, 2021|Data Analysis, Data Model, Excel|0 Comments

What-If Analysis in Excel

Excel's What-If Analysis tools allow us to change the values of inputs to a calculation and explore different possible results. In the following article we will consider a single, simple calculation and discuss how each of the three What-If Analysis tools: Goal Seek, Scenario Manager and Data Tables, can be applied. The commands for What-if [...]

By |2021-09-21T18:10:12-06:00September 21st, 2021|Data Analysis, Excel, What-if-Analysis|0 Comments
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