Computers are very powerful and flexible devices, allowing us to do a wide variety of tasks. These sessions provide introduction to computer concepts, including: guidance on purchasing, interacting with the computer, and using a keyboard and mouse.


Intro to Computers for Novices of Any Age

  • Description: This is for those who are uncomfortable with using a computer. We will explore: starting the computer, terminology, introductory mouse and keyboard skills. We will discuss operating systems in general with special attention to  Windows 10. In addition we will look at applications (apps), files, and provide an overview of the Internet – having fun searching the web.
  • Audience: Absolute beginners
  • Duration: 6 hours in total.

Keyboard and Mouse Skills

  • Description: This computer basics course focuses on using the mouse/touchpad and keyboard effectively to interact with the computer. Participants will develop skills by playing simple computer games. Exercises will include techniques for opening, moving, resizing and closing windows. Typing exercises will be included to build speed and accuracy.
  • Audience: New computer users
  • Duration: 2 hours in total

Windows 10: The Basics

 Description: This session provides an introduction to Microsoft’s latest Windows version. This session will start with an an overview of the components of the Windows Desktop. We will look at the organization of the Windows 10 Start Menu and learn to control the tiles. The Notification Area and Action Centre will be covered and we will introduce Cortana and her uses. The File Explorer has a new ribbon interface, and Virtual desktops are a very handy part of the Task View. We will discuss the Internet, web browsers and email along with some ideas to help keep your identity and your computer safe on the Internet.
  • Audience: New computer users with some keyboard and mouse skills.
  • Duration: 6 hours in total

Windows: Beyond the Basics

  • Description: This course is a more technical discussion of Windows than provided in “Windows 10: The Basics”.  Topics include: how to use the control panel to configure and personalize aspects of your computer, as well as installing  and deleting programs and drivers. The Task Manager provides detailed information about the status of your system – we will explore its capabilities. We will discuss some aspects of networking, contrasting Ethernet with Wi-Fi.
  • Audience: People who are comfortable with using the computer and the Internet.
  • Duration: 4 hours in total

 Where Are My Files? Files, Folders and Drives

  • Description:  There are special directories on your computer – where are they and what do we do with them? This builds on other Computer Basics courses with time spent on working with Files and Folders. We will discuss the special folders for Documents, Pictures,  Recycle Bin and others. Participants will drag-and-drop, cut, copy, and paste, both files and folders. USB storage will be discussed.
  • Audience: People comfortable with computer use and concepts.
  • Duration: 4 hours in total