A Simple Model of Covid-19 Data With Excel

We currently (as of Jan, 2021) have large amounts of data concerning the Covid-19 pandemic available. We have daily updates through various news outlets and we can download data from different country's public data websites. Aggregated data is available for viewing at Worldometers coronavirus page, and for download at Our World in Data's Covid-19 data [...]

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Excel: Conditional Formatting – Color Scales

This is another in a series of Excel’s Conditional Formatting How-To's. The pervious post looked at the Highlight Cell Rules option. (For Details See: Excel Conditional Formatting Highlight Cell Rules). In this article we are going to look at another option namely: Color Scales. Using Color Scales is a popular formatting technique that lends itself [...]

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How to use the Correlation Command

Once the Data Analysis toolbox has been enabled, the correlation function is ready to use. For this example, we are going to use data from two stock market indexes: NASDAQ Composite Index and the Dow Jones Industrial Average (https://ca.finance.yahoo.com/quote/ONEQ/history?p=ONEQ and https://ca.finance.yahoo.com/quote/DIA/history?p=DIA) . The data is the daily closing price for the last 6 months of [...]

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How to Enable Analysis ToolPack in Excel

First: What is the Analysis ToolPak: Excel’s Analysis ToolPak provides a variety of tools and functions which enable sophisticated data analysis to be preformed. It produces output tables, and, in addition, some tools also generate charts. The add in takes the basic Excel functions and combines them into workflows where only the input values and [...]

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“Standard Error” Error Bars in Excel

In previous articles we discussed adding fixed error bars and Standard Deviation error bars to Excel charts. The last option available on the Format Error Bars dialog is the standard error,  short for "standard error of the mean". Using the same data set that we used for the post Standard Deviation Error Bars in Excel, [...]

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Excel: Conditional Formatting – Highlight Cell Rules

Excel’s Conditional Formatting command allows for a simple and quick method to format a range or a table of cells based on the value of the data contained in those cells. This allows us to actually see certain features of the data. Over the next few Posts we are going to look at examples to [...]

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Error Bars in Excel

Error bars on a chart/graph provide a visual representation of our uncertainty of knowledge about the values of the data points. These are helpful in understanding the accuracy of our data and have the benefit of being relatively easy to interpret. We are going to discuss how to add error bars to charts in Excel [...]

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