First: What is the Analysis ToolPak:

Excel’s Analysis ToolPak provides a variety of tools and functions which enable sophisticated data analysis to be preformed. It produces output tables, and, in addition, some tools also generate charts. The add in takes the basic Excel functions and combines them into workflows where only the input values and output space is required.

The Analysis ToolPak add-in is already installed with Excel but it will need to be enabled through the Excel Options menu. The procedure is similar for Excel 2013 and later.

For the following example we are going to use Excel 2016.

To enable the Analysis ToolPak do the following: In the File Tab, select Options, then in the left-hand panel click on Add-ins. At the bottom of the right-hand panel, in the drop-down menu select Excel Add-ins (if not already selected), and click on GO. In the resulting dialog box click on the Analysis ToolPak then click on OK.

 Here is a Step-by-Step: Enabling Analysis ToolPak:

  • File -> Options -> Add-ins

  • Next click on the “Manage:” menu; select Excel Add-ins; then press Go


  • Click on the Analysis ToolPak check box, and click on OK

There will be a new command “Data Analysis” on the Data Tab:

Now you are ready to do some statistical analysis for your data sets.

We created some more posts to help you using some of the most common statistical analysis that you can do using “Data Analysis” command.